The Plague Around Campus


Kasey Zollo, Managing Editor

Now, I don’t know about you, but I and almost half of this campus have been affected by the same sickness going around campus lately. I like to call it “The Hartford Plague”.
The symptoms of this plague include a stuffy nose that soon turns into a sinus infection, a nasty cough, which for me, turned into bronchitis, and losing your voice. It is not COVID. With that being said, what exactly is it, and where did it come from?
I do not think you can pinpoint what precisely this illness is, besides a nasty common cold. You can blame the possible black mold coming out of the apartments. It cannot be pinpointed to one person, although I like to blame my friends who I believe got me sick, that is beside the point. As for places you possibly could have contracted this, it honestly all comes back to having in-person classes again. Although we are still wearing masks, I do not think that matters.
As for medicine, the generic Dayquil and Night Quill do not work, and honestly, you feel worse when you take those. I suggest Sudafed, which is a higher strength over-the-counter medication, and it helps take care of all these symptoms, although when it wears off, they all come back, and it feels like you are getting hit by a bus.
It is inevitable to get sick in school. Being around many people all the time is almost always going to happen. It can be almost be prevented. Just make sure you are washing your hands, wearing your mask, etc. Moreover, if you do get sick, stay home and rest, and get healthy again.