Practicing Mindfulness in the New Semester


BNP Design Studio

Illustration of Strong Brain

Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

Finally, after a well-deserved break, the spring semester is upon us. Whether you spent it working, traveling, or simply spending time with friends and family and binging shows, the return to school seems to have crept up on us fairly quickly.
After enduring a rather unconventional college experience thus far, I for one, still get stressed about the impending workload from classes and clubs. It can be challenging to balance all our responsibilities at this time in our lives. However, no matter how busy you are, it is crucial to pay attention to how stress can affect your mental and physical health. In order to maintain a good mindset, I like to practice mindfulness when I feel incredibly overwhelmed. So, once in a while, put the assignments away, put on your favorite music and try some breathing exercises. Positive affirmations and meditation in the quiet also do wonders for bringing you back to the present moment.
If none of that is your thing, that’s OK! Practice whatever works for you, give yourself some downtime, and make sure to take care of yourself this semester. Even venting to a friend or visiting C.A.P.S is an excellent alternative.
If all else fails, take a nap!