What Happened to Einstein Bagel Bros.??


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

Before my class schedule turned into that of a vampire, I used to look forward to my morning coffee from Einstein’s at GSU. Last year, amid the pandemic, it was the little things that made me happy. Excited to finally get my hands on a cinnamon sugar bagel and caramel iced coffee before my 8 am class, I approached the café in GSU to find out that Einstein’s is GONE. I was under the impression that it would get pretty busy there, so why take it away? Was there too much competition with Starbucks? Did their contract with food services expire? I was stunned to say the least. Walking away disappointed and settling for a cold brew after class, I continue to have a million questions. I personally wish that there was something I could do to bring Einstein’s back on campus, especially if I knew if there were others that agreed with me. I am certainly not knocking Starbucks, but Einstein’s just had more variety, food-wise. And, there was usually a significantly shorter line to wait in before class without making yourself super late. All in all, life was better when Einstein’s was around, and I’m still wondering if anyone cares?