Hartt School’s Hansel and Gretel Opera


Lillian Wonderly, Entertainment Editor

This past weekend, the great opera Hansel and Gretel was presented live in Millard Auditorium. Hartt students performed on stage and in the orchestra pit, bringing to life the magnificent score. The Hartt Opera Theater invited the University of Hartford community and the public to enjoy this new production.
The opera tells the familiar Grimm’s fairy tale of two children who become lost in the woods and get captured by an evil witch. The children must use their wits to escape. The story was told from a new, cross-temporal perspective set to the melodies of famous turn-of-the-century composer E. Humperdinck.
Music Directors/Conductors Doris Lang Kosloff and Lynn Kao transcended temporal limits and promised to “open your mind to a fairy tale that crosses the boundaries of time and place; the story of family tribulations and redemption lives everywhere and for all time.” The set was designed by international artist Matthew Ferraro, stage direction was by Jilliam Foley Cusano, and lighting design by Aaron Hochheiser.
If you missed the opera or want more from the Hartt school, don’t worry! There are plenty of performances to come this semester. The Hartt Saxophone Studio is presenting a Valentine’s Day special performance called “Hartt by Heart with Heart” on Friday, February 11, 7:30 to 9 pm in the Berkman Recital Hall.
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