Parking Lot Madness


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

As someone who has had a car on campus since my first year, I have had more than enough headaches trying to find a parking spot that doesn’t result in me walking miles and miles back to my dorm. General parking on the academic side of campus is not too much of a problem, in my opinion. But instead, the upperclassmen parking on the residential side of campus needs some work.
With all the construction behind the school and available land, I think the school should invest in another parking lot for students living on campus.

Despite N-Lot looking big, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. Even when I need to run errands in the middle of a weekday, I fear not getting a spot when I return. In addition, I have noticed that many cars that are not permitted to park on campus get ticketed and booted. However, they are then left there for weeks at a time without being towed. If Public Safety is quick to notice these vehicles without a sticker, I think they should be able to get a tow truck out to get rid of the cars just as quickly.

It is frustrating to see these cars take up the limited space that we as students already have, and I would rather not feel like I’m wasting my money on a parking pass if I can’t even park anywhere near where I live.