Zendaya’s Fast Track To Fame


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

With the incredible success of HBO’s Euphoria, Zendaya has made herself a household name. In 2020, Zendaya won her first award (of many) at the Emmy’s for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series. She was the youngest woman in television history to receive this award. After watching the newest season of Euphoria, there is no doubt in my mind that Zendaya will sweep the Emmy awards this year. 

Considering her Disney Channel origins, it came as a surprise to many that Zendaya would portray such a serious, more adult role. Her painful yet accurate representation of a struggling substance abuser spreads awareness by showing how common it is and what to look for when dealing with loved ones. In my opinion, her joining the cast of Euphoria was the best thing she could have done for her career. 

From the makeup (or lack thereof) to the costume and set design, the show spotlights what it has been like to be a teenager in the last ten years. Now, Zendaya is a more in-demand actress, so I have a sneaking suspicion that this will not be the only time we see her in this type of serious role for years to come.