The Key To Success: Breakfast All Day


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

Monday through Friday, you can enjoy a variety of breakfast foods at Commons from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Although it seems like a decent amount of time for students to drop by and eat breakfast foods, some of us, like myself, wish that breakfast foods were an option all day long. When I was younger, “breakfast for dinner” was always a fun treat, and sometimes I still crave that.

Occasionally, between the soup and deli station, waffles are served there. Even though the rest of breakfast is served separately in the entree station, I think this 24/7 breakfast idea could work if the breakfast food is moved out of the entree station and put by the soup and deli to offer yet another meal option beyond 11 a.m. I am not suggesting Commons provide a huge spread of breakfast foods, but if cereal is out all day, why can’t the bacon?

Just like the rest of the dining facilities on campus, I think some adjustments can be made to make students more excited to eat on campus and make it more convenient with busy schedules. In this case, in particular, another petition could be deemed effective in changing the breakfast hours.