Are Crocs Out of Style?


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

The simple answer, in my opinion, is no. However, I have not seen as many people wearing them anymore. Particularly in high school, I remember the athletes having quite the collection of crocs since they were easy to change out of before after-school practice. With the rise of the “VSCO girl” aesthetic, it became popular to have crocs in all different colors and embellish them with jibbitz that represent you.

I still stand by them, and they’re certainly my go-to shoe when I’m in a rush or simply too lazy to put anything on that requires tying. Think about it, what is so wrong with them? They’re water-resistant (minus the holes), comfortable, fun colored, and non-restricting especially when they’re out of “sport mode”.

My aforementioned obsession with laptop stickers in a previous article extends to my collection of jibbitz as well. Not only are they adorable, but you can get so many unique ones from third-party sellers on Etsy and Amazon. With all the different colors, patterns, and styles, there are so many ways that you can coordinate your outfits with crocs. Even Balenciaga made platform Crocs for fashion! That is certainly odd and not my taste, but I am still a fan of the regular style. So, my fingers are crossed that Crocs do not totally become something of the past.