Attack at the Oscar’s

Attack at the Oscar’s

Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

On Sunday, March 27th, the world watched as Will Smith confidently walked up on stage and slapped Chris Rock across the face following what some believed to be a harmless joke. It quickly became a meme on social media since no one (including the audience) knew for sure if it was staged or not.

The attack came after Will Smith’s wife Jada was compared to G.I. Jane because of her shaved head. She recently came out and announced that she has alopecia, so she has to keep her hair short. Comedians have always had some sort of free pass to make inappropriate jokes, however, that doesn’t mean everyone will love the jokes.

I think if Will Smith had such a serious problem with the joke, he could have handled it privately. The Academy Awards have a long history of being a glamorous, classy event. This embarrassing act of rage was far from classy, and a lot of other celebrities have come out and agreed. The event seemed to put a damper on the night and take away from the achievements of the performers that were supposed to be honored.

Some think that Will’s award that he received night should be revoked, however, he did earn it for his performance in King Richard. I personally think that he should just not be invited back for some time. Hopefully, there is more to be done to prevent future occurrences like this.