Mice Infestation in Regents


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

After spring break, when I returned to my room in Regents ready to unpack and relax, I discovered something horrific. On my TV stand and on my desk, I found mouse droppings. I personally do not handle insects and rodents well, so I was beyond petrified that mice had crawled all over my belongings and I shudder to think that they crawled on my bed.

In a panic, I deep cleaned my whole room and had facilities put traps down in my suite. The only thing worse than finding a living mouse in your room is a dead one so the thought of having live traps under my bed is unnerving. I have yet to have any more run-ins with the mice, but they have quickly spread to other wings of the building.

I do not think that traps are enough to deter the mice and more can be done by the University to keep them out. If students are taking the proper precautions like wrapping up open food and taking out the trash, it would probably help a lot. However, I understand it is difficult to expect everyone to live by these basic rules when most of the residents in the building dump their trash in the hallway. Thankfully, there is not much time left in the semester to spend in my room, so I look forward to moving out of Regents. But for future residents, beware.