Ultimate Renovation of the Village Apartments!


Maddie Gill , Managing Editor

It has finally been announced that the Village quads are being renovated by next fall! Following an email from the University, the details of the upcoming renovation have included new stainless steel appliances, vinyl flooring, and new countertops. With the right furniture, one could feel like they just moved into a new posh apartment! However, many students wonder, will this renovation improve the health and safety of students living there? I like to believe that it will.

Besides Hawk Hall, the rest of the residence halls are quite outdated and in poor condition. The carpets are stained beyond belief with unknown substances, the heating vents are falling off half the time, and a lot of the furniture is damaged (just to name a few problems). That being said, it is refreshing that the University is finally spending time and money on renovating one of the larger residential areas on campus.

It is not only appealing to prospective students, but it is also rewarding for the upperclassmen, like myself, who get to spend their last year in brand new quarters. Let’s just hope that the construction goes as planned, and is finished on time so that the spaces in the Village can actually be moved into by August.