Honors Seminars for Fall 2022


Kasey Zollo, News Editor

Are you feeling like you could challenge yourself more? Consider registering for an honors seminar for the upcoming fall semester.

With registration coming up soon, and if you feel like you could use the challenge, or want something to put on your resume, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Some of the classes include but are not limited to are: HON 383: Black Womanist Perspectives, HON 385: Chaos and Complexity in The Visual Arts, HON 389: Humanities Seminar Decolonizing the University, etc. For more information on these classes, feel free to contact your advisor, or visit the honors website at: https://www.hartford.edu/academics/honors-program/current-student-resources/honors-seminars.aspx.

Seminars are only open to students in the Honors Program, or to upper-level students with a 3.0 or above GPA. To figure out if you are able to take these classes, or if they will fit in your schedule, contact your advisor to see if this is something for you. Now, these classes will not be easy and will require lots of work and concentration, so if you feel as if you cannot handle them on top of your other course load, these classes may not be for you. But, if you believe you can step up to a challenge, take this opportunity and run with it!