Student Volunteers Needed

Student Volunteers Needed

Kasey Zollo, News Editor

The University of Hartford is currently looking for students to become Howie’s Helpers which will help the incoming first-year students move in during the opening weekend.

Those who volunteer will be able to move onto campus early, receive free meals, and also get a complementary Howie’s Helper T-shirt. Also, for those who are in a club on campus and are looking for a few extra bucks, if you have five or more members join to help, you will receive $100.00 towards your club.

The applications to become Howie’s Helpers are now open, and the deadline is May 1st, 2022. As a volunteer, you will help first-year residents move in on Thursday, August 18th, and Friday, August 19th. Not only will you help the incoming freshman move into their first dorm room, but you will also help them feel included in a new place. I know for me, Howie’s Helpers really made me feel welcome and eased my anxiety about being in a new space.

This is a great opportunity to get involved on campus, and well as maybe make new friends! For more information, as well as to access the application, please feel free to click the link below.