My Strange Addiction


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

While I fixate on a lot of things to distract me from reality, one of my favorite pass times is creating Pinterest boards. I have a plethora of boards that date back years and years. What’s funny is seeing how my interests have changed over time.

Of course not everything that I “pin” is easy to achieve or necessarily realistic, but with so many different aesthetics on the app, that is part of the fun for me. I essentially love curating a vision board for my future home or other milestones in my life in regards to party planning. Pinterest gives so many ideas for D.I.Y. projects, budget saving, and aesthetically pleasing, lavish lifestyles that give me peace.

In addition, I find myself getting inspiration for hair colors and styles, nail art, and outfits on the app that I use to better myself. My feed essentially looks like an explosion of every component of my dream life. Quite a few of my ideas have actually come to fruition, I have thrown multiple themed birthday parties (which are my favorite) with the help of the posts that I have seen on the app and saved to a board. With everything that goes on in the world, it is nice to feel some sense of control over something.