Demolish Ruby Tuesday’s!


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Loganville, GA – July 13th 2019: Ruby Tuesday store front sign – American franchise – location located in Georgia off of highway 78. Chain restaurant offers full all you can eat salad bar.

Maddie Gill , Managing Editor

Since I first started at the University of Hartford in 2019, the Ruby Tuesdays in Bloomfield has haunted me for some unknown reason. I suppose maybe it is because it is such a big abandoned building, in a high trafficked area. That’s what bothers me. I’m not dying to eat food from Ruby Tuesday’s by any means, but I do wish that it would be turned into something else.

It just seems like a waste of space and an opportunity missed to open something that would appeal to the college students nearby. What surprises me is that some developer hasn’t already snatched up the property considering the prime location of the building – but alas, the Ruby Tuesday’s wastes away. I have never actually heard anyone my age express any type of concern over the status of the Ruby Tuesdays, and maybe I’m crazy for even fixating on it right now.

However, it is simply not something that I am used to happening. Where I’m from, failed businesses get flipped very quickly and often. Upon researching the restaurant chain, I found that their closure had little to do with any real problem or health violations, but rather it’s just a mystery. This bothers me even more! Until I get answers, I will probably continue driving by the sad building, wondering what is in store for it.