Athlete Spotlight: Tremayne Cobb Jr.

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Michael Enyaah, Staff Writer

It has been a rollercoaster season for the Hartford Men’s baseball team. Currently, 3-9 in conference play, the Hawks look to improve their record in hopes of a playoff berth. One Hawk who has stood out this season is Maryland native Tremayne Cobb Jr. The junior infielder is currently batting .338 and leading the team in nearly every category. He is ranked first on the team with 23 RBIs on 26 hits. The only teammate to have more hits is fellow junior Derek Tenney. In an interview with Cobb, he spoke about how his urge to get into more scoring opportunities has prompted him to maintain his aggressiveness. He recorded three hits in one game for the third time this season against Sacred Heart on April 5, 2022.

I asked him if he always knew he was capable of these performances, and without hesitation, he said yes. He also said, “I feel like this is what has been expected of the coaches for me to do. But I would say things are starting to click more, I am really starting to get hot, and I am starting to get really consistent. I feel like I am living up to the expectations my coaches have for me.” Cobb Jr has lofty expectations for his career due to his work ethic and the people supporting him. He sighted Kevin Durant as someone he models his game after. After asking the reason behind this, Cobb Jr explained that “Kevin Durant is someone he looks up to because of his work ethic, what he has accomplished, and how he still reps his hometown (PG/Prince George County.)” Cobb Jr also mentioned that representing his hometown is something he does with his county written on his batting gloves.

His father is also someone he respects highly because of the advice he has instilled in him. He carries one piece of advice his father gave him early in his career: “never admit anyone is better than you even if they are, to him, it sounds like lack of confidence when you do.” Cobb Jr is enjoying a terrific season and hopes to continue into the summer when he plays in the Cape Cod League. It is his dream to play in the MLB one day, and he is doing everything possible to ensure his dreams come to fruition.