Athlete Spotlight: Caylee English

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Scott Morris, Staff Writer

Whether pitching for the softball team, attending classes, or studying to become a nurse, junior Caylee English does it all at Hartford. The sport of softball plays a significant role in Caylee’s life, and I instantly understood why she has allowed it to stay that way. English stated that she was ten years old when softball became a part of her life, and her father was her first coach. Caylee was also the first girl to hit a home run over the fence during a minor league game. Once high school came along, she stuck with it, and it showed as she was a four-time state champion and tailed over 500 strikeouts over four years on varsity. English answered this regarding her decision to play for Hartford. If she was playing a sport, it was softball. She loves the game and the people and coaches that have helped her throughout her journey. Softball has created some of the best moments of her life, and she plans to play until she cannot anymore. Caylee is also a student at Hartford, which means she is constantly moving between practices and classes. On some of her busiest days, she has three classes on top of practice and lifting with the team. Caylee is currently in the works of studying to become a nurse.
I asked Caylee what piqued her interest in studying to become a nurse, and she responded by saying she has always been a nurturing person to friends or family, and she thought nursing has always been her calling. In addition, biology and anatomy have always come easy to her, and she indeed finds them enjoyable to learn. As Caylee continues to learn more at Hartford, she slowly sees why she chose the right path and why nursing is truly her calling. Since Caylee is a junior, her workload is hectic, she said, and this has been the craziest semester for her. English attends four classes, three clinicals in eight-hour shifts at the hospital, two simulations where Caylee performs different skills on a manikin, plus papers and quizzes. English said it is genuinely a lot, but she has managed.
Lastly, I asked Caylee if she could go back to freshman year and what would be something she’d either change or communicate to her future self. Caylee’s answer is an answer all college students can agree to—be sure you don’t regret anything! Although these will be the best times of our lives, sometimes, she catches herself with her nose in the books too much, and she has learned it is okay to take a break when needed. This season, the seniors on the softball team are some of her best friends, and it will be hard to see them leave. She wishes the time could just stop. Caylee represents her team, school, and herself as a true role model for Division I Athletics at Hartford.