Major Breach of Privacy!

Major Breach of Privacy!

Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

While recently dealing with a rodent fiasco in my suite, it was only necessary that traps and other preventative measures be taken to keep the mice out. Of course, that would require an exterminator or a staff member from facilities to come handle it.

One would think this is something that would be scheduled so that the person occupying the space would allow access for that person to come in. To my surprise, an exterminator had let himself into my suite and bedroom while I was at a friends house none the wiser. I find this experience to be extremely uncomfortable.

Even as a resident on University property, I still don’t think that strangers should be allowed to enter your space without your permission, even if it is someone part of the staff. Im grateful that the mice are now gone (as far as I know) but I suppose I missed the portion in the fine print when applying for University housing that said my privacy would be taken away.

RA inspections when I’m not around as long as I’m notified? No problem. Especially because residents come to know their RA and they’re not a total stranger. But anyone else? No thanks.