Submit Your #HawksLanded


Kasey Zollo, New Editor

Fellow seniors, with graduation coming up super soon, don’t you want to share your accomplishments with the rest of your peers, and even the incoming freshman so that they can see what they can do too? Well, now is your chance!

Did you get an amazing job in the field that you’ve been preparing for during the past 4 years? Or did you earn the internship or opportunity of your dreams? The University of Hartford wants to celebrate the achievements and the steps you’re making into the next chapter of your graduate life!

#Hawkslanded is a spotlight on the University of Hartford’s social media channels that celebrate you and the achievements and opportunities you are gaining. These are designed to celebrate you, not only as a graduating senior finishing up their degree, but as an adult who is entering the corporate world for the first time.

Getting your first job, or landing the internship of your dreams is something that deserves to be celebrated. You have worked hard for this moment, and this is something that should be shown off to the rest of the University of Hartford Community!

To fill out the #HawksLanded form, please feel free to use this link: