A First-Year’s Survival Guide


Royston Lester , Staff Writer

We have done the exams, we did the high school pranks, and we made those lame excuses as to why we were late to classes. Whether we did this because we didn’t like the teacher or because we were simply too lazy, those traits may still follow us to this next chapter in our life.

That same boy who slept through all of his history classes in high school, is now a first-year in college with a dream to become something greater than himself. Something new is birthed within that soul that couldn’t find its way. There will be laughs, fights, sleepless nights, and of course some tears here and there. All in all, we have made it to that mountain that stands between you and your dreams, and it’s time to make that mountain move.

From parties to late nights with your friends when you should be studying, college life will teach you many of life’s lessons, in and out of the classroom. Those nerves and jitters you get in the first week of class will eventually fade and you’ll realize that this is your new reality and despite the obstacles, you choose the course your reality takes. As scary as that sounds, you’ll block out those voices that push you to give up, you’ll learn to let go of those negative people who pull you down instead of lifting you up. You will have the ability to create a family of your choosing. So, go easy on yourself, know that you have made it this far for a reason and the marathon is not over.

You are stepping into that purpose that your younger self dreamed about when playing house with your friends. Know that life is unpredictable and you may not have it all figured out right now, both are fine and both are survivable. Open your mind to all the new teachings and all the new likes and dislikes, be intertwined with your destiny and future even though it’s unknown, this is college baby …let your spirit unfold