Student Spotlight: Corinthia Saez

Daniel Roy, News Editor

As the first semester of the UHART 2022-2023 year begins, I had an opportunity to sit down with an amazing artist from the Hartford Art School: 19-year-old Junior, Corinthia Saez. Who has been broadcasting her incredible talents all throughout her social media platforms, and has had many of her closest friends and art admirers on campus raving about her work.

“Ever since I was young and could hold a pencil, I’ve always loved to draw and anytime I came across a blank paper or canvas there was always that urge to doodle on it. It’s not that I was compelled to be an artist, I just decided to integrate what I already love doing into my career.” She explained to me upon being questioned about her drive toward the world of art.

Corinthia has been known to depict various drawings and paintings full of vibrant color and contrast. These are based on known celebrities and figments of her imagination promoting the beauty of black Americans, in an effort to emphasize the beauty and power people of color have in our society.

One particular piece from her Art Account on Instagram caught my attention. A Painting she titled “Lady In Black,” depicts an African-American Woman wearing a robe, sitting on a blue satin love chair, her eyes and wine glass covered by white roses

“This piece is the depiction of a woman discovering her worth.” She went on to tell me. “She realizes she doesn’t need others to plant seeds of validation within her. Therefore, she blossoms from her own validation, solidifying her self worth.”

This piece to my surprise was also a part of a mini Planner/Journal “GOD GOT ME: I’m over it.” A collaboration, created by Corinthia and the author known as ‘Queen with the Crown’.

Before we parted, I couldn’t help but ask her one final question: “What do you want people to take away when looking at your art?”

She thought for a second, but then exclaimed: “As I see it, art is a study of reality, one that reflects each artist’s personality and style as they present their perception of the world… As an artist, I would love for my work to inspire others and spark emotion. I want my work to be something my audience could relate to and also create a discussion.”

Here Ms. Saez made it clear that her art was meant to touch us all. We are meant to interpret in our own unique way. No one being has the same perspective of the world, and artists do well in showcasing that!

Corinthia Saez can be reached at [email protected] and her Instagram pages @cors.aez and for further information about herself and her artwork. She creates portraits and is a photographer, so don’t be afraid to reach out!