Daniel Roy, News Editor

Head Coordinator Dr. Erin Stirff and appointed Secretary Alexa Schwartz of Aerie have just released the guidelines on how to submit your work to the 2022-2023 edition of the literary magazine.

Aerie will be looking to accept any form of Poetry, Art, Fictional and Nonfictional pieces into their magazine.

For writing: Aerie is allowing only 5 pieces to be submitted per person (for any selection of writing you submit), along with a 2,500 word limit on all five pieces you submit.

For Art: All rules apply as they do with writing, Art can consist of various sculptures, pieces of architecture, paintings, drawings, and photography any artist desires submitting.

Submission deadlines for writing are October 14, 2022; and Art November 18, 2022. Requirements on how to submit your work are at the top of this article.

I was told not to contact [email protected], it is a dead account. Instead, Erin Striff is having you contact her [email protected] for further inquiries on the magazine.

Aerie is looking forward to your submissions this year to the magazine!