Revamped Village Apartments: It’s About Time!


Haley Wright, Staff Writer

When the school set out with the plan to renovate the village apartments for Fall 2022,

there was a mixture of excitement and worry. Excitement that us students would have an updated and clean place to live, and worry that the renovations wouldn’t be done in time and wouldn’t be everything that was promised. But the University followed through and the renovations were finished; the end results significantly better than what we had before.

As a student who lived in the Villages pre-renovation, I can easily say it was absolutely disgusting. A carpet with years of filth, an outdated kitchen with sticky floors, and a dirty bathroom that could never get cleaned. I’m sure others have more to add regarding their own living arrangements, but a renovation was something that needed to happen.

When moving into my Village apartment for the semester, I felt relief as I walked through the door. Everything was clean. Everything was new. It was just like what was shown in the plans. Provided furniture, updated appliances, clean floors, and a bathroom that didn’t have dust trapped in the vents.

Perhaps this is the first step in renovating the other on-campus housing.