How Impactful Will You Be


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Royston Lester, Staff Writer

As we wind down into the third week of school, you’ve probably gone to a few parties already, made more friends, and of course are still thinking of dropping that one 8:30 class that makes you want a cry in the morning. Trust me it gets better, I hope. But this is the beginning of a new journey and no journey is worthwhile if it isn’t impactful. So it’s time to ask yourself, What impact will I leave on this school and the people around me? What do I want to be remembered for after I graduate? What legacy am I creating now for those who come after me?

Now you might be thinking that you just started college, you’re still way too young to be thinking about what legacy you’ll be creating but like African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist, Malcolm X, once said “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” so take hold of that steering wheel called life, and don’t get knocked off course. Despite your background or your financial status, your struggles and family drama, there remains only one person responsible for snatching the success you rightfully deserve and that is yourself, DON’T take it for granted. So from this moment forward, start thinking of jobs, clubs, how can you get involved on campus, and how can you put yourself out there so that those opportunities you’ve longed for can find you, how can my friends and I elevate ourselves, think out of the box, and be free with your self-expression, and it’s no secret that hanging out with friends and having fun is just as crucial, don’t become a bookworm, they live miserable lives but at least submit those late assignments that you probably already forgot about.

Let there be a balance between your school life and your social life so that in 4 years when you’re on your way to another journey, you’d be remembered as the kid who can have fun and still pass with straight A’s. The scholar who slipped up a few times but never allowed themselves to stay down, that first, second, third or whatever generation college grad that will make a difference in this world and most importantly create an impact like no other. That is an impact worth leaving.