The Anxieties of N-Lot Annex


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Haley Wright, Staff Writer

Any on-campus resident who owns a car knows the annoyance of trying to find a good parking spot, especially when parking in N-Lot, which is located next to the baseball fields. The location of this parking lot invokes anxiety in many residents who hassle with finding a spot further away from the fields. When there are no available spots in the front, the only option left is the lot behind N-Lot; the dreaded N-Lot annex.

N-Lot annex comes with a nice warning sign, “PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK”, as if there’s much of an option to park there. Located alongside the baseball field, a stray ball or an amazing home-run, can strike an unsuspecting car, causing significant damage. A student, who’s windshield was broken by a baseball, commented:

“I think the nets should be higher; to make the parking lot that every resident relies on safe. It’s a place most residents have to park, especially those in Regents. We shouldn’t have to worry about damage to our car on top of school-work.”

N-Lot annex should be made safer for students to park, whether the nets around the baseball field are made higher or if an overhang is made over the parking lot, which isn’t likely, but would be pretty cool. Students should not have to worry about damages to their cars when they have no choice but to park in the danger zone. Which leads to the following question:

What can the University do to ensure the safekeeping of our vehicles?