Daniel Roy, News Editor

The world is utterly devastated to hear of the unexpected passing of Queen Elizabeth II this Thursday afternoon. She passed away peacefully in her Scottish estate, nearly a year and a half after her husband, Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) succumbed to natural causes in April of 2021. This news has come to shock the nation, as Queen Elizabeth II was seen appointing the new Prime Minister of England this past Tuesday.

Queen Elizabeth was born in Windsor on April 21, 1926. She was destined to be the heir of the throne after her father George VI was placed as King in the aftermath of Edward VIII stepping down from the Royal Throne in December of 1936.

Upon attaining the throne in February of 1952, Elizabeth II went on to have four children with Prince Philip: King Charles III, Prince Andrew the Duke of York, Anne the Princess Royal and Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex. Her eldest son Charles III is now the King of England.

Her funeral is said to take place ten days after her death; her body will be left for her family to mourn in state at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh before a funeral service. Her services will be held at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her coffin will then be put on the Royal Train to be transported back to London for her burial, where she will be buried aside her husband Prince Philip, father George VI, and sister Princess Margaret.


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