Daniel Roy, News Editor

The university’s Student Government Association (SGA) is looking for members to enroll within the Executive Branches committee and for an Internal Affairs Representative.


Eight committee members and one Ethics chair member are needed! Positions for the Executive Branch committee are to sit on the board and oversee any and all charges brought against any SGA member, organization, or club aligned with the SGA which may be mistreating others, misusing funds, or underperforming their task. Appeals from all decisions made by members of the committee about any particular SGA member, club, or organization will be handed to the Executive Chair, and overseen by the SGA advisor if there is an appeal from the Chair.

The Ethics Committee will also have jurisdiction over making rules over the school year, within two weeks of being appointed in power. The SGA remarks: “If you want to be involved in SGA but have a limited time commitment, the Ethics branch is the committee for you! Especially if you want to make ethical decisions and hold clubs and organizations accountable!”

Lastly, SGA has an opening for an Internal affairs Executive position which would require one too: oversee office hours, assist the president of SGA – Alissa Hoffman – in anything she may need. Paid positions require you too: attend weekly E-Board meetings and Senate meetings, host 10 office hours a week, and prepare agendas and meetings for each week.

Resumes will be sought after, and interviews will be held for these positions!

If you are interested or have inquiries about the jobs offered by the Student Government Association, contact [email protected] for further guidance.