Study Locations: What Best Suits You

Study Locations: What Best Suits You

Haley Wright, Staff Writer

For the past week, I’ve ventured around campus trying to find my ideal place to study. Now, I’ll make this note right in the beginning: DON’T STUDY IN YOUR DORM ROOM. I know it sounds strange and probably annoying, but your dorm should be a safe haven of sorts. A place that is meant for you to relax in and allow you to to release the stress of the day, not one to bring stress into.

The first place I found myself studying and doing my work was the main hall in Auerbach. For me, this is a convenient space since my classes go between Auerbach and Hillyer. Another benefit of this location is the quiet atmosphere; however, the quiet is routinely interrupted by a large flow of students going and leaving class. Another downside to this location is its size. The Main Hall is on the smaller side, so it makes it difficult to find a spot to sit when it is full, which tends to happen a lot.

The second location is an empty classroom. I never witnessed students doing their school work in unoccupied classrooms, so it makes it an ideal spot for those prone to distractions. It’s also great for those who prefer silence and seclusion to work. When it comes to this location, it’s good to know when a class will be in the room. It’s easier to be in a room that you have experience being in and that you know the schedule to.

The third location is the library. The library is much like studying in a classroom, but is less secluded. It’s mainly quiet, except for when someone’s phone goes off. I’ll be honest, I don’t spend a lot of time studying in the library. I find the library to be too quiet, and it’s almost like the quiet is forced. I’m the type of person who prefers a bit of noise and activity, which is why Starbucks, located within the library, is my favorite place to go.

Starbucks is a great place to study and do work if you like being surrounded by activity. I find the noise of drinks being made and baristas shouting names keeps me alert and prevents me from getting overworked. When I need a break, I can easily grab a drink or something to eat. If I need to use a program on the library computer, I can just walk a few feet into the computer section. Everyone has a different way they like to study, and the University of Hartford has countless locations to choose from. I encourage you to explore the campus and find a location that suits you!