Daniel Roy, News Editor

The University of Hartford’s Student Government Association (SGA) will be hosting a community conversation event on Monday October 10th from 12:30 P.M – 2:00 P.M, in the Gengras Student Union (GSU) at a table located in the front of Hawk Lounge.

The SGA is looking to give students and faculty an opportunity to interact verbally and read about a variety of experiences different individuals and communities face around our campus on a daily basis.

Conversations will range in various topics from mental health awareness, food insecurity, racial prejudice/comfortability, adoption inclusivity, and LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in order to unite and secure the diversity our University has established.

The SGA warns the University of Hartford community that there will be conversations spoken about, that may test the comfortability of certain individuals, but assures the environment will be an open and free space with confidentiality and no judgment.

For further information on this event, please contact Alissa Hoffman [email protected].

A schedule of groups attending this event will be attached to the bottom of this story. The SGA appreciates your participation and looks forward to understanding the various experiences students are faced with on our campus!

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