Is the Sauce Truly the Sauce?

Kyle Jakovic, Staff Writer

The New York Jets’ number four pick – rookie cornerback – Ahmad Gardner also know as “Sauce Gardner” signed a deal with Buffalo Wild Wings to create a new sauce also known as the “Sauce Sauce.”

I know this deal was made in August, and since then, everyone has been telling me that the “Sauce Sauce” is truly something unimaginable. But I have not had the time to fully experience it. Today was finally the day I was able to experience the sauce for the first time.

After the first bite I could taste it, all the flavors hit me. There was a smokiness, combined with some sweet and spicy pairing. Honestly, I am glad it was not overwhelmingly spicy. Yes, the more I ate the spicier it was, but it was a pleasant amount of spicy.

The best thing about it was the flavors. The smokiness and sweetness complement each other well, and there was enough spice to make it enjoyable and not painful.

I really loved my experience, I felt myself going for more – being excited for the next bite I was going to take. The best part of this was the fact that I did not need anything with it, the “Sauce Sauce” alone was amazing.

I would get this sauce again on my Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings. The only thing I want now is an actual bottle of the “Sauce Sauce.” This would be to allow others to experience the greatness that is the “Sauce Sauce”

It really does look like the “Sauce Sauce” is truly indeed The Sauce!