Is SpongeBob just a Children’s Show?


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

From a young age, I recall there always being a rivalry between Disney and Nickelodeon. Whether it was more dramatized by the young kids in my grade school or not – I remember a distinct difference between programs. Those who watched Nickelodeon were considered less well off than those who watched Disney. Disney was more religious based (believe it or not) whereas Nickelodeon was criticized for “adult content”. It really never mattered to me as long as I had cable and a short attention span, but there was always competition – at least where I come from.

Nonetheless, both channels offered the greatest shows of our generation. Anyone that you approach today is bound to be familiar with at least one program from either channel. My personal favorite was SpongeBob. The show was released in 1999 – unbeknownst to me. But even my mother was watching it while I was still in the womb. I have the fondest memories of the show and still make references to specific episodes to this day. Even if some catch phrases go over people’s heads, it’s always a fun inside joke between my family and I that keeps me laughing.

Recently, I started rewatching my favorite episodes and found myself laughing just as hard as I used to. Maybe it’s because specific references remind me of good times with my family, or it is just simply fantastic writing, the show is still suitable for adults. At the ripe age of 21 I am finding myself uncovering more “adult jokes” that I may have missed when I was younger, but it certainly makes watching the show more enjoyable now. Maybe Spongebob is a guilty pleasure of mine, but it is timeless.