Hollywood Is Going Downhill


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

For years, movie reboots have never lived up to the original hype. In particular, Halloween films in the PG genre and horror film franchises continuously recycle the same ideas but they’re executed in the worst way.
In regards to recent releases, Hocus Pocus 2 – awful! Did we need the backstory of the witches? No. Did we need to bring the witches into the 21st century? Definitely not. A Disney classic is tainted by the desire for rebranding in modern day.

For Halloween fans like myself, the films could have wrapped up years ago. Even the principal actors who continue to return expected an end 20 years ago! The newest release is by far one of the worst. With the majority of the film taken up by irrelevant filler characters and the anti-climactic fall of the franchise’s protagonist, Laurie Strode, it’s no wonder the rotten tomatoes reviews were poor and fans were left unhappy.

For Scream, the farther away the killers get from being related to the original narrative, the worse those films get as well. No legitimate motives result in confused and unhappy fans. There is no end in sight for these reboots but there’s hope for future filmmakers to be smart enough to leave well enough alone.