Spooky Basketball Skills Competition


Lillian Wonderly, Entertainment Editor

The UHart Recreation Department is ready to celebrate Halloween through a spooky basketball skills competition. Students will compete against other students and faculty to see who is the top 3-point free-throw shooter on campus. Everyone is encouraged to bring a friend and dress up in their costumes. This event will be held in the Sports Center from 7-9:30 pm and is open to all UHart students and faculty. There is no pre-registration or fees required. Participants will have 3:10 minutes to make as many 3-pointers and free throws in the competition. The top winners will be awarded prizes. Furthermore, student-athletes participating in basketball are not allowed to partake in this event.

As a reminder, the Sports Center’s Volleyball Gym is open for pick-up basketball on a drop-in basis: Monday through Thursday, 9 am-noon and 4–9 pm, Friday 4 pm–9 pm, and Saturday and Sunday 9 am-9 pm.

Additionally, the faculty “noon ball” is Fridays from 11 am-1 pm. The Sports Center is to be used by UHart students, faculty, and staff who show an ID at the door. Furthermore, masks are now optional while using the Sports Center facility.