When Is It Too Early To Celebrate Christmas; from a Jew

When Is It Too Early To Celebrate Christmas; from a Jew

Scott Morris, Staff Writer

As someone of the Jewish faith, I have always wondered why people start preparing for Christmas when Halloween ends. Most of my friends immediately get into the spirit of Christmas by watching movies, baking cookies, decorating their homes, and wearing Christmas- themed clothing.

I now raise the question: When is it too early to begin celebrating Christmas?- from an outsider.

I believe the proper time to start is Black Friday because Thanksgiving has already occurred, so we are approaching December. When shopping in certain stores between now and Thanksgiving, seeing Christmas decorations already displayed discredits the holidays leading up to it.

I understand that for certain people, Christmas is the one holiday that makes them happy because it is full of family, good food, giving and receiving presents to loved ones. However, people forget that celebrating Thanksgiving is significant because we are also with our loved ones as we eat good food, watch football, and have time to relax as the year slowly ends.

I understand why people need to start celebrating Christmas instantly, but we must celebrate each holiday independently. Christmas is important to many people, and I am respectful of that; however, as someone who does not celebrate, there is a time and a place to begin celebrating, and I passionately believe it is after Thanksgiving.