The Kyrie Debacle

The Kyrie Debacle

Kyle Jakovic, Staff Writer

Brooklyn Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving is a well-known basketball player and an all-star on the court. There is no doubt that he puts in the work and has earned his championship and 6 all-star appearances. With all the ups in Irving’s career, there are also some lows.

Especially with all the controversies surrounding him. For example, when he believed the Earth was flat. Yes, we know he was big into controversies at that time but having this go on for a year and a half is crazy. When you say the Earth is flat in front of science teachers – making them reshape their teaching curriculum and almost hurt their reputation. This is where the line gets crossed.

Do not get me wrong, Kyrie is very influential if he can get people to support his beliefs. On the other-hand, it also shows that some of his words can have lasting marks on social media.

Most recently, Kyrie took to social media posting a documentary showing that he had antisemitic beliefs and his social media post had a lot of backlash – especially against the people of Jewish religion.

This sort of hate is unacceptable and the apology he had for it was not enough. The Nets organization is giving Kyrie the six items to have him rejoin the team.

“Nets have delivered Kyrie Irving six items he must complete to return to team:

– Apologize/condemn movie

– $500K donation to anti-hate causes

– Sensitivity training

– Antisemitic training

– Meet with ADL (Anti-Defamation League), Jewish leaders – Meet with Joe Tsai to demonstrate understanding”

Every team promotes inclusivity, and this includes not posting unacceptable speech on social media. But Kyrie broke that rule. Personally, I hope Kyrie does comply with six things, so we can see Kyrie Irving back on the basketball court.