Spring Semester: Don’t Panic!

Spring Semester: Don’t Panic!

Haley Wright, Staff Writer

As the end of the year approaches, it is very easy for us students to stress out. It is a very

stressful time of the semester, especially just coming off winter break. As we make our way

through this, here are some tips to stay relaxed and prepared for what is to come.

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait until the last minute to start that paper or to start studying. If you procrastinate,

there is an increased chance for higher stress since there are now time constraints. Give yourself

plenty of time to begin your paper so you have time to revise it, and be sure to hand in your best

work to finish the semester strong. Also, be sure to start studying as soon as you can. Having

more time to study allows you to have more time with the material, therefore more prepared.

Make a Schedule

Making a schedule can be very helpful. It allows you to spend a certain amount of time

with each assignment instead of spending too much or too little time on a certain assignment. A

schedule can help keep you organized, which can decrease stress.

Take a Break

It is important to take a break when you need one. Burning yourself out will cause more

harm than good. There is a good chance that you may not retain the information that you are

studying and your paper may contain mistakes you would normally catch. Taking a break allows

your brain to breathe and to process information. It is important not to take too long of a break.

You may become distracted and may disrupt the schedule.


Sleep is the most important break that you need. If you don’t get enough sleep, or no

sleep at all, it could affect how you study, how you write, and how you take an exam. Being tired

slows you down, so not only can you run out of time, but you may have trouble recognizing and

reaching information that you spent so much time studying. Not getting enough sleep will burn

you out, make you sluggish, and overall out of it.

Don’t Panic

When you get an assignment or an exam that you find yourself stuck on, don’t panic.

Take a breath and try not to tense up. If you are stuck on a paper, walk away for a bit. Allow the

information to sit in your mind for a little bit. Walking away from it can lower your stress since

it’s not in front of you anymore. If you are taking an exam and you find yourself stuck, skip the

question. Go to one that you know to build up your confidence, and maybe a future question

provides a hint for the one you are stuck on.


Overall, give yourself time, prepare, and best of luck to you all!