Cultural Inclusivity Calls on You!

Cultural Inclusivity Calls on You!

Daniel Roy , News Editor

Wednesday, February 8th from 12:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M. the University of Hartford will be making aims to spread awareness of cultural inclusivity within our campus.

According to the University of Hartford website, around 7,025 students make up the attendance of the University yearly, a good portion of these students come from nations all over the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia seeking to pursue their passions and ground themselves in American customs and lifestyles.

The International Pathway Program (IPP) at UHART asks any student interested in befriending an international exchange student to attend this meeting at tables at the front entrance of the GSU at the time designated.

Befriending international exchange students allows comfort and opportunity for them to form friendships, take part in school activities more comfortably, and understand campus life better. Our campus aims to promote the best experience possible for students here and abroad.

More opportunities to attend this event will be given throughout the upcoming semester. If you are interested in joining the IPP “Language and Culture Exchange event,” please contact Benedicta Kwarteng at her email address [email protected].

The University of Hartford hopes to see you there and appreciates your open heart in making this campus the most welcoming place possible!