The Hartt Saxophone Studio Presents: Project Encore


Lillian Wonderly, Entertainment Editor

The Hartt Instrumental Studies Division is putting on a special performance called Project Encore, featuring acclaimed saxophonist Timothy McAllister and the celebrated pianist Liz Ames. The event will take place in Berkman Recital Hall on Friday, February 17 from 12:45-2:15 PM.

The project was born from the idea that concert curation often relies too much on tradition and time-honored chestnuts while ignoring fresh, innovative, and diverse voices. Alongside the duo’s conscious efforts to weave a wide array of influences into their playing, they believe it’s crucial to foster partnerships with living composers across a broad spectrum of styles and backgrounds. This includes a uniquely American classical sound, concepts from broader wind pedagogy, and popular idioms.

Their intention is for these works to find a home as true ‘encores’ following larger compositions, concert openers, or, simply, the perfect introductions to these composers themselves as a means to round out any recital programming.

“Volume 1” of these collected works, appears on Neuma Records (September 2022), featuring the music of Nina Shekhar, Jennifer Jolley, Andre Myers, Zoe Cutler, Griffin Candey, Matthew Evan Taylor, Karalyn Schubring, Marianne Ploger, Chad “Sir Wick” Hughes, Jim Territo, Armando Bayolo, Corey Dundee, Andrés Eloy Rodriguez, and Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca. For more information visit