Hawks Stand Together


Daniel Roy, News Editor

This past week, the University of Hartford went under serious threat by an unnamed freshman within the dorms on campus. Details in an email written by Public Safety are as follows:

“…the University’s Department of Public Safety was made aware of anonymous and concerning posts to social media. Working in partnership with local police, the account information was determined, and a student was identified. The student was quickly arrested without further incident last night and has been banned from campus pending conduct proceedings.”

On behalf of the Informer, we would like to give our undoubted support to every student impacted by these threats, which could have turned into another national tragedy for our country. The safety of all students and staff are a top priority at UHART. If you or a friend are struggling with the turn of events of this week or are ever in need of reporting future potential threats made against our University, seek out our campus’s Public Safety services via cell number: 860.768.7985. in order to get the proper emotional support you need. Hawks forever stand tall and strong!