Happy Black History Month!


Daniel Roy, News Editor

In honor and celebration of Black History Month, the University of Hartford’s Office of Diversity & Engagement will be hosting an event: “Creating Visibility and Belonging for the Black / African American Community,” on February 20th, from 12:45 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.

As stated, with the event, UHART aims to create a space for all members of the Black/African community here at the University, forming an environment where expression and campaign for increasing inclusivity is at the forefront of all priorities.

A series of panels will be present at the event that will allow a platform for students to share a variety of experiences they’ve faced within society and the confines of campus as a person of color.

UHART is striving to raise awareness and understanding of the many experiences students from all backgrounds and identities face throughout university life here at UHART.

If you are interested in attending this event it will be hosted in Hillyer Hall, Room 162, Regents Common Room, and the Shaw Center.

For further inquiries please contact Jaime Green at her email address: [email protected].

The Office of Diversity & Community Engagement looks forward to seeing you there!