Starbucks v. Dunkin’

Starbucks v. Dunkin

Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

Have you ever been torn between the two biggest coffee house chains in the country? Because I certainly have. While Starbucks offers gourmet breakfast pastries and a plethora of drink combinations, sometimes I just want a plain old coffee without breaking the bank. Don’t get me wrong, a grande iced vanilla latte always hits the spot, but at a whopping $5.45 – it hurts. Because of the price too, I was always keen on using my meal equivalencies so my dining dollars wouldn’t be drained. Now that the University has limited meal equivalency usage to the “premium dining plan” I rarely have the desire to go to Starbucks. On the other hand, Dunkin’ is hit or miss. In my experience, you can never get great coffee and food at the same time. Once I was given an everything bagel with strawberry cream cheese! And the worst is having your hopes crushed when your coffee tastes like dirty dishwater. I think the University should have kept Einstein Bagel Brothers in GSU for the simple fact that it offered some variety on campus. As a Boston girl, I’ve always preferred Dunkin’, but it is nice to switch it up when I have some extra money to spare.