Hey All You Math Lovers Out There!


Daniel Roy, News Editor

The University of Hartford will be hosting an event March 31st from 3:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. dedicated to breaking down one of seven of the hardest math problems solved by Russian mathematician, Grigori Perlman in the year 2000.‏

Grigori’s use of the One-Dimensional Heat equation, founded by Richard Hamilton, will be used to help break down the problem’s complexities.

This equation will also forward efficient ways in solving other complex mathematics equations such as the Poincare conjecture and various geometric calculations.

As Stated in a UNOTES Advertisement posted by the A&S Mathematics department at our University:

“Many visuals will be shared and only knowledge of multivariable calculus will be assumed.”

The event will be hosted by Dr. Brian Allen, a mathematics professor from Lehman University in Dana Hall room 204.

For further inquiry about this event, please contact Michelle Rabideau at her designated email address: [email protected].

All Students and Faculty at the UHART are welcome to attend!

We at the Informer hope to see you there!