UHART Theatre Upcoming Show Godspell


Lillian Wonderly, Entertainment Editor

The Hartt Theatre Division is putting on the musical, Godspell this April in Kent McCray Theater. The show will have multiple showings: April 27-29 at 7:30 PM and April 30 at 3 PM. The show is based primarily on the Book of Matthew and focuses on strangers from different walks of life coming together to tell the lessons and parables of Jesus Christ. By the end of the show, the strangers learn to carry Jesus’ message of kindness, tolerance, and love.

Godspell began in 1970 with a desire to find festivity in the midst of the chaos and sadness felt by many during that time. The show’s creator, John-Michael Tebelak, wanted to reimagine The Gospel in new, fun ways that nurtured the truth in the parables- the community building and the love. He wanted Godspell to bring joy to all audiences: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, young, and old.

It is now 2023 and Godspell has been revisited thousands of times, off-Broadway and on Broadway with the help of music by Stephen Schwartz. Then it was revived another thousand times with an updated score. Then there was a concert version over zoom during the height of the pandemic. This time, though, the performance will take place in a tiny black box theater in Hartford, Connecticut.

A lot has changed since 1970, yet we still live in a time of chaos and sadness. This show hopes to give audience members a desire for joy and a need for community. The performance will be directed by Joni Weisfield and choreographed by Savana Jones. Stay tuned for more information about tickets as the show date approaches.