UHART Innovators Take Over


Dorsen Joseph, Jr.Editor-in-Chief

Kameron Crichlow and Joshua Chung are two talented individuals who are making a name for themselves in the fashion industry. They are not just entrepreneurs, but creative innovators who are setting themselves apart from the crowd by focusing on their own unique designs and approaches rather than following the trends.

Kameron, who goes by the moniker XO.KARTI started creating designs online as a hobby before venturing into the clothing brand business. He uses his art to bring his childhood dreams to life and draws inspiration from subjects that are often overlooked in daily life. Kam is passionate about his craft and conducts in-depth studies on the materials he employs to create his designs. His goal is to create a brand that transcends clothing and becomes the hallmark of all artists and producers. To achieve this, Kam seeks partnerships with individuals who can enhance his brand and share his work ethic. He brings value to them, and they bring value to him.

Josh, on the other hand, discovered his sense of style by experimenting and exploring his own unique fashion sense. He is inspired by his surroundings and is passionate about creating designs that he believes will interest his target audience. Josh places a higher priority on functionality than aesthetics, ensuring that his designs are not just visually appealing but also serve a purpose. He tests his products before release and pays close attention to feedback from his supporters, using it as inspiration to continue creating and innovating.

Both Kam and Josh face challenges in their work, but they are committed to improving and growing their brands. Two dedicated individuals who face their challenges head-on, and strive to achieve success in the competitive fashion industry with their passion, creativity, and unique approaches to design, it is no surprise that they are making waves and leaving their mark in the industry.

Where can these artists be found?

Kameron @XO.Karti or @project_karti on Instagram

Joshua Chung @chung_Joshua