Senior Move Out


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

Commencement is just about 4 weeks away, and the process of moving out as a graduating senior is very inconvenient. As someone from out of state (although not un-drivable), the last thing I want to do is move out of my apartment just a few days before graduation, drive back for the ceremony, then go all the way back home. The university’s suggested alternative is to wait until after the ceremony is over (which starts at 2 p.m.) and then panic and move out and lock up by 8 p.m.

Personally, I think seniors should be allowed an extension of a day or two after commencement to move out, for the simple fact that many of us are tying up loose ends before leaving permanently. Final projects, job interviews, housing relocation, and other obligations have graduating students booked and busy. And what about international students who want to leave but can’t leave right away? My roommate has already brought the majority of her belongings home, and the emptiness is saddening. While I could pretty much fit everything I own into my small sedan, taking stuff home a little at a time is probably the best and most efficient way to move out. While it’s the end of an era, most of us are embarking on a new chapter of our lives.