DIY Projects for the Soul


Maddie Gill, Managing Editor

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t keep quiet about my obsession with Pinterest boards and DIY projects. My most recent project involves resin, pull tabs, and lots of seltzer water. I adore colorful, unique home decor, so when I was inspired to create some coasters for my living room, I got on it right away! As someone who goes through cases of seltzer water a week, I decided to save all of the multicolored pull tabs from each can and begin collecting them in a little container.

After a month or so, I had more than enough to work with. So, after a quick run to Michael’s Craft Store and $22 later, I had the supplies to make my coasters.

While the resin itself is kind of hard to work with (and smells horrendous), I was able to complete 2 coasters. Since I only have 1 mold and each coaster has to sit to dry for over 72 hours, the motivation to keep going faded quite fast. Not to say that I won’t revisit the idea since I have so many more pull tabs, but the work is certainly tedious. The moral of this story is simply to highlight the little things you can do to get your mind off of the things that may be stressing you out and embrace your creativity!