This Weeks Fundraisers


Daniel Roy, News Editor

The University of Hartford holds community appreciation outside of the campus to the highest importance! This week’s fundraisers start off with a fundraiser with efforts funding the “Stand Up to Cancer” 5k race, sponsored by the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity chapter at UHART. A table to sign up for raffle tickets will be stationed in the main lobbies of Commons and the Gengras Student Union (GSU) from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Monday, April 24th. Admission prices to the race based on age are as follows:

Ages: 5-17 – $15.00

Ages: 18+ – $25.00

UofH Undergraduate Students: $5.00

UofH Graduate Students: $10.00

UofH Faculty Member: $5.00

According to the posted UHARTS UNOTES ad! A link for the 5K registration will be provided below. For further information on this event, please contact Valerie Simpri at her designated email address: [email protected].

Link to registration: Later in the week, UHART’s Delta Gamma Sorority Chapter will be hosting a cookie fundraiser in order to support “Service for Sight.” Vendors for this event will be held in the main lobby of GSU; all are welcome to donate and get a package of cookies in return for their donation.


For further inquiries on this event, please contact Madelyn Johnson at her designated email: [email protected]. We look forward to your participation in this week’s fundraising events!