Senior Sendoff: KP Boggs


KP Boggs, Editor-in-Chief

Three years in total with the Hartford Informer, two of them being Editor-in-Chief, an experience I am forever grateful for.

Throughout my time with the Informer I went from writing articles I felt would help college students manage mental health through all the stress, then getting more involved by managing the social media accounts, and eventually running the team as EIC the past two years. This experience has taught me new things about leadership, management, and quite a lot about time management.

As a psychology major, Editor-in-Chief felt like a position out of my comfort zone. A job description including budget making, staff management, and many other responsibilities I wasn’t sure I knew how to do. To my surprise, it was something right up my alley, getting to work with students passionate about their sections and their articles let me see into their world of what motivates each of them. Building a team after the pandemic was very hard, but after reaching the right people everything fell into place. Watching each editor find their voice in their writing and help each other find new ideas each week is something I will remember each time I think back on my undergraduate experience.

Following graduation in May, I will be continuing my studies at Iona University for Marriage and Family Therapy. I hope to apply many of the things I have learned about leadership and team building into my future studies and future career.

Closing my chapter with the Informer is a sad goodbye but I am so excited to see what the new team has in store for the future. Thank you to my current staff for all your hard work, and good luck to all new members.