Dorm Decorating Means Endless Possibilities



Amanda Barreiro, News Editor

The time period between the end of August and beginning of September is where all college students move back to their schools for the semester.

It is always a bittersweet feeling to come back to campus and leave home, but once classes start, the pressure is on. It’s always great to come back to a comfortable environment after a long day of school work.

After my three years of experience living in the University’s dorms, it’s nice to mix your room up in any way possible.With different personal styles and interests, some dorm rooms can end up looking amazing with the contribution of all roommates. With the help of some tapestries, posters, ceiling lights, and other personalized accessories, a dorm room can come a long way.

Since moving in, I’ve decided to decorate my room as slowly as I could. This was the first year where I decided to move to UHart all by myself, without the help of my parents. By packing up my whole car, I made sure to bring only the things I needed for the week.

With several trips back and forth, I decided to bring back some shelves for my Park River single.

With the use of Command Strips, I was easily able to stick anything onto the wall without messing up the paint in the apartment. I also brought back some colorful pillows for my living room, which would give the room a pop of color.

It’s clear to say that I used Amazon Prime and other websites to the best of my ability when trying to purchase new items for my bedroom. Target and Marshall’s is also another way of bringing my interior ideas to life. With affordable prices, it’s not possible to leave these stores empty handed.

With the idea of buying many unnecessary items whether it be in store or online, it all goes to the process of making the room comfortable for both yourself and all your guests who visit.