Good Riddance to Summer

Why Summer is not a Season to Miss

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Good Riddance to Summer

Gabrielle Cuccurese, Managing Editor

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As we begin a brand new semester and school year, I can’t help to think about how close we are to autumn and how the past four months have felt like we have been living inside a volcano.

This summer has been nothing but humidity, hazy skies, sunburn, and sweat. While I am happy that summer gives us a break from school it is always far too hot for our own good.

This past May and June were cooler and very enjoyable.  It was a dry heat with a cool breeze, but then came along July and August and that is when the weather took a turn for the absolute worst. A lot of people love the heat but can confidently say that I do not. Especially not when it is so humid that you feel like you are walking through a wall of heat.

The heat means humidity and humidity means my hair gets frizzy, everyone is irritable, and no matter how much water you drink you cannot seem to stay hydrated. I have taken a lot of time to think about the change of the seasons from summer to autumn since I moved back to UHart, and autumn cannot come fast enough. It seems that now the cooler weather is taking its sweet time to arrive and the heat and humidity of summer is overstaying its welcome.

Autumn is my favorite season for more than the cool weather, even though that is a huge factor. The leaves turn to beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. The air becomes cool and crisp with a chilling breeze, days get shorter and nights get longer.

Fun seasonal festivities return like pumpkin picking and carving, apple picking, and of course Halloween. When autumn comes around and summer finally decides to take a hike is when I will once again evolve to my final spooky form.

The arrival of fall also means I can finally wear 80 percent of my clothes which mostly consist of sweaters and hoodies.  Autumn also welcomes the beginning of the “holiday season” with Halloween and Thanksgiving which means spending quality time with family and friends. Summer only has one holiday to celebrate which is great, but besides that it is basically just three months of nothing to look forward to.

I do not like to be pessimistic about a specific season like summer, but I personally do not see anything spectacular about it. I like being able to spend time at home and see my friends from high school as well as my family. I like going outside in the summer and being able to go to the beach and go swimming, but there comes a point where you get tired of getting a sunburn whenever you step out from the indoors and into the sun.

The summer was simply just not designed for me but that is okay, because autumn is finally around the corner and in my eyes there is finally so much to look forward to in these last four months of the year.